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      © Ricardo Matias, Jukes Liu, Linde van Bets, Henrik Christiansen, Quentin Jossart (left to right)

 Polar Week is a series of events happening globally, with the goal of promoting the science taking place in polar latitudes.

APECS hosted two International Polar Weeks in 2020:

  • 15-21 March 2020
  • 20-26 September 2020

You can find a summary of the Polar Week highlights of that year below:

Polar Week Highlights - September 2020

102 Vural Deniz Pixabay Polar Week September 2020

THANK YOU all for celebrating International Polar Week with us during 20th to 26th of September 2020!

Thank you for joining us in putting the polar and alpine regions into the spotlight. We were overjoyed about your own stories, photos and experiences shared with us using the hashtags: #PolarWeek, #ScientistsWhoSelfie, #PolarWeekPhoto, #PolarWeekArt and #PolarFunFact.

The Polar Week aims to celebrate the importance of polar and alpine regions and the cryosphere in general. It takes place twice a year for one week around the spring and autumnal equinox when daytime and night-time are equal all around the World!

During this year’s September Polar Week we shared a series of talks and activities through APECS international and its national committees to raise awareness on the polar and alpine areas and its indigeneous people, wildlife, facts, stories, scientists, landscapes and the risks, especially the importance due to climatic changes. We enthusiastically encouraged our early career researchers (ECR) to both join our activities and to create their own events within the framework of the Polar Week. Thanks to the wide collaborations between countries, we could expand and enrich our events and really feel the spirit of the Polar Week everywhere!

© Deniz Vural/Pixabay

114 Uryupova Ekaterina Polar Week September 2020

While this Polar Week has come to an end we wish to thank once again all of you who made this year’s International September Polar Week happen! Many thanks for taking part in our activities and for organising your own activities around the world. Special thanks go to the APECS Office for their incredible patience and work in keeping this page up and running, exactly 24/7 hours support for any rapid changes!

One last thanks goes to the APECS Art Project Group to help find our guests and carry a step forward in a very short time!
We hope you all had a great Polar Week with us! Because we had so much fun with building connections between continents as well as celebrating Polar Week together!

Photo competition 1st place : Ekaterina Uryupova - A "submarine" iceberg was spotted
in the vicinity of the Antarctic Peninsula during 2019/2020 the navigation season

 See you again in March for another Polar Week!

Best wishes from the September Polar Week project group!

If you have any questions until then, don’t hesitate to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Polar Week Highlights - March 2020

Pileci Rosaria Erika PolarWeek March 2020Thanks for contributing to the APECS International Polar Week March 2020!

You joined us in celebrating the icy and Polar Regions of the world and created further awareness of the science and activities being conducted in the Arctic and the Antarctic. The APECS International Polar Week March 2020 was an exciting party as well! From the 15 to 21 March, we featured some great activities organized by Polar early career researchers from around the world.

We encouraged you to share your own experiences with us using the hashtags: #PolarWeek, #ScientistsWhoSelfie, #PolarWeekPhoto and #PolarWeekArt

We encouraged all APECS members and National Committees to organize their own activities. We wanted to promote and profile all those great APECS members, mentors and educators that help us to understand better the Polar Latitudes!

Thank you for celebrating APECS International Polar Week March 2020 with us!

  © created by Rosaria Erika Pileci 

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