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Project Duration: 2016 - 2020

INTERACT is an EU Horizon 2020-funded infrastructure project of terrestrial research stations throughout the Arctic and adjoining forest and alpine regions. The current second phase of the project builds on the developments made during the first phase, which in turn builds on the SCANNET network of field stations situated in all eight Arctic countries.

INTERACT brings together an advanced community to build capacity for identifying, understanding, and responding to diverse environmental changes throughout the Arctic and adjoining regions. The project provides a long-term legacy by mentoring and educating the next generation of researchers as well as by providing a one-stop-shop for provision of northern data and services. INTERACT brings together station managers, technology development experts, the scientific community as well as major international organisations and educational establishments, providing a well-balanced and truly integrated circumpolar network.

Trans-national access is provided through INTERACT to provide opportunities for researchers from Europe and beyond to carry out research at the more than 80 terrestrial stations that are part of the network. In return, the improved access has led to more collaboration, better measurements across more regions, new research directions at individual stations, and much improved capacity across the network.

APECS in cooperation with UiT The Arcitc University of Norway is participating in INTERACT particularly through the Station Managers Forum. This forum provides a platform for knowledge exchange between research station managers, project participants, as well as external partners and stakeholders. Specifically, APECS is contributing to the project by producing a fieldwork planning guide and a practical fieldwork guidebook, both of which will improve fieldwork efficiency and safety for those visiting research stations. APECS will also help produce informative videos of stations across the INTERACT network.

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Interact logoapecs logo webAPECS is currently involved in the EU Horizon 2020-funded INTERACT (International Network for Terrestrial Research and Monitoring in the Arctic) project. One of our tasks has been to produce example introductory videos of some of the INTERACT research stations. Two of these have now produced, for:

These videos are there to provide a brief introduction to each research station, what facilities are available, what research is carried out there, and other general information about the area.

Find out more about how the INTERACT.

Fieldwork guidebooks

MariaMonteiro 2Together with the APECS Project Officer at the University of Tromsø, an APECS project group is working on the Fieldwork Planning Guide and the Practical Fieldwork Guidebook. This group includes:

  • Julie Bull
  • Alevtina Evgrafova
  • Roxanne Frappier 
  • Gwenaëlle Gremion
  • Jean Holloway
  • Sasha Leidman
  • Morgan Seag
  • Fiona Tummon
  • Ruth Vingerhagen

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