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The Quiet - A visual story about an Arctic Expedition

347 Thea Schneider The Quiet A visual story about an Arctic ExpeditionAbout two years ago I was given the chance of a lifetime, which has now resulted in my photographic book »The Quiet«. Accompany me on board the Russian research vessel Akademik Fedorov on our journey into the Central Arctic Ocean, where we supported the largest Arctic expedition of our time: MOSAiC.⁠ Experience the routine of daily life and work on board, the rush of working on the sea ice at the brink of polar night, and my favourites: the quiet moments in between.

Help me get this rather different and atmospheric visual story of Arctic research out into the world by supporting the printing of »The Quiet« on Kickstarter and save yourself one of the first copies here:

Author: Thea Schneider

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