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There are many great opportunities for early career researchers (ECRs) to advance their careers, learn from senior mentors, and help include the view of other ECRs into international science planning bodies. APECS actively encourages our partner organizations to include ECRs on their committees, meetings, and projects.

Type of roles:

  • APECS representative: the ECR will officially represent APECS as an organization and will contribute an APECS perspective to the discussion(s) on the committee / meeting / project. For these positions, experience in APECS leadership is typically required. These opportunities may involve making a presentation or other material on behalf of APECS, and for that reason, it is in the best interest of APECS to select an individual in the APECS leadership who is familiar with the current activities and priorities of the organization. As an APECS representative, one is expected to express the views and priorities of APECS. Any personal opinions must be explicitly indicated as such, and the needs and goals of APECS take precedent over the opinions of the individual.
  • ECR participant: the ECR will not officially represent APECS, but will participate in the committee / meeting / project as an individual providing their own perspectives as an ECR to the discussion and learn from the work on the committee. For these opportunities, APECS leadership experience is not required, though APECS membership is usually necessary to hear about the opportunity.

Role of the ECR: They can be a meeting observer, committee member or rapporteur providing an early career perspective to discussions, advocating for ECRs, taking on action points, helping to organize workshops and much more! It all depends what that particular partner organisation is looking for. Any confidential information discussed at the committee / meeting / project will not be included in any report the APECS representative or ECR participant will write about the meeting. Partners have at any time the right to ask the ECR to leave the discussion while confidential information is discussed. Above all, the idea is that the partner organization benefits from having input from an ECR, APECS benefits by working with and hearing news from that partner organization, and the ECR benefits by gaining experience and networking connections!

APECS helps our partner organizations to recruit both APECS representatives and ECR participants.

If you are an organization who would like to have an early career researcher on their committee, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so we can help you arrange this.

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Advertising and Selection Process

The following text outlines the procedure through which APECS representative or ECR participant positions are filled. APECS strives to maintain transparency and fairness in nominating members for these positions. The standard process is listed below, but as the positions do vary slightly with the partner organization, the process may vary slightly as well based on the urgency of filling a position or the specifics of the request from a partner organization. Opportunities will be advertised as widely as is sensible, but that depends on the nature of the position and the best interests of APECS.

Info for APECS representatives and ECR participants

If you have been selected as an APECS representative or ECR participant, please read the information below.

Contact APECS

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