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APECS has many different groups to get involved with, and for many people connecting with other young researchers in their own country is a first step to meeting new colleagues and getting involved. Some countries have well developed APECS National Committees, some are just getting started - and others are just a mailing list of all the APECS members in that country. Below is more info on these groups, including how to contact them...

...if you don't see your country here, be sure to check out the article at the end of this page that provides some ideas on how to start your own national committee.

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APECS National Committees Contact Info

APECS National Commitees

The map above is showing the regions of residence of registered APECS members (in blue) and is created with

So you want to start a National Committee?

You want to start a National Committee but have no idea where to start - we are here to help! Below is a list with some questions and answers and you can also contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Also have a look in the APECS Handbook and see some guidelines for National Committees provided in there.

Project and Event Reporting for APECS National Committees

With so many events and projects being organized within the APECS network, it is important for all committees to regularly report on their activities so we can keep our members and partners updated about them. Here are some important form that APECS National Committees should fill out on a regular basis:

1) When you are starting to organize a new event: let us know about it by filling out this form so we can add it to the APECS Event list.

2) Do you need some financial support for organizing your event? APECS has some very limited financial support that every National Committees can apply for once a year. Applications are processed on a first comes, first served basis as long as funds are available. The guidelines for this funding you will find here and the applications form is here. APECS is working on a limited budget, hence APECS may only provide partial support of an event.

3) After an event or project is completed, fill out this form to let our members and partners know how it went. You can also use this form, if you want to give a progress update on a longer series of events or longer-term project.

4) APECS is publishing its Annual Report at the end of the year. To make sure we include all the activities of our National Committees, please submit two times a year your updates. The 2 reporting periods and links to the relevant forms are:

  • Link to Reporting form 1 (Reporting Period October - February) - Reporting Deadline on 1 March
  • Link to Reporting form 2 (Reporting Period March - September) - Reporting Deadline on 1 September

Contact APECS

APECS International Directorate
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Email: info(at)

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