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Artist: Burcu Camcıoğlu

Instagram: @burcucamcioglu


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Burcu Camcioglu was born in Artvin, a small town outside Istanbul, Turkey, in 1990. 

Currently, Burcu works and lives in Turkey. 

She worked as the DOP for a leading documentary channel, IZ TV, having more than 40 documentaries. She filmed in Chernobyl. She filmed in North and South Poles.

Nowadays she works as a freelance cinematographer. She shoots promos,commercials and documentaries.


What is your professional art form?

 I am a cinematographer in another saying a video artist who works on adjusting the images, light and composition in the best way to express the environment.


157 Burcu Camcıoğlu Polar Art Blog September 2020 


How and why you ended up with polar regions in your art? What was the triggering point?

The triggering point is very exciting. Turkish scientists have been organizing expeditions to Antarctica for the last 3 years, while science has been conducting research, but no scientific expedition has been organized for the Arctic. The adventure that carried me to the polar region for the first time, started with the scientific expedition to the North Pole for the first time in the history of Turkish scientists. Additionally, I set off towards 80th latitude with the team in order to record this historical expedition and show people the polar regions from my own eyes.


What are the main polar themes you generally focus on?

Global climate change is at the beginning of what I want to reflect to the audience in the polar regions, especially the whole world has been focusing on the polar region in recent years. Because the polar regions are the black box of our planet and earth's past, present and tomorrow are hidden in this laboratory.


158 Burcu Camcıoğlu Polar Art Blog September 2020 


Have you ever shared your work with an audience, as in-person or online exhibition?

Yes. One of my documentaries that I shot in Arctic ’’15 Days In The North’’ was released on one of the leading documentary channels in Turkey. And my new documentary that I shot in Antarctica ‘’Black Box of The Planet’’ is in the editing process. And it is waiting to meet with the audience again.


159 Burcu Camcıoğlu Polar Art Blog September 2020 


What is your opinion about the challenges being faced in the polar regions?

The cold is one of the simplest and most traditional answers, but I think the main challenge is that we mostly take actions with a list of shots planned to the finest detail, but plans never work in the polar regions. You are trying to adapt to the sudden changing of weather conditions in the polars and new plans resulting from this. This is the biggest challenge for videographers who have pre-designed every plan.


160 Burcu Camcıoğlu Polar Art Blog September 2020


How did you benefit your art during the current pandemic?

I found the time to write, to tell new stories, to get out of life for a while, to think.


Do you have any person/figure that inspires you?

There are two artists whose work I follow with pleasure about the polar regions, one is John Bozinov and the other is Benjamin Hardman.


What would be your advice to the polar enthusiasts & researchers who like to use art as a tool to share their research?

I suggest you let your feelings flow in polar regions' own rules.

© All pictures created by Burcu Camcıoğlu

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