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For September Polar Week 2019, we are showcasing a selection of artists working across a variety of media and focusing on polar regions in their work. Stay tuned for more artist blogs over the week!

Helene GirardName: Helene Girard
Facebook: Art Helene Girard
Instagram: @arthelenegirard

Helene is an acrylics-based artist who focuses on the landscapes of the Northwest Territories and Nunavik. In this blog post, she talks polar inspiration, luminosity and climate change.

What medium do you work in? How did you choose that medium?

Working in acrylics. I have tried other mediums in the past and acrylic has stayed with me for many years now. This is the best medium for working from great surface to tiny details.

deepwaterHow and why did you decide to focus on the polar regions in your work?

I have lived up north for over 25 years. First in the Northwest Territories (NWT), and in Nunavik for a short while and now living in Fort Smith NWT. The north seems to be calling me and it is an endless inspiration for my art.

What polar themes or imagery do you typically focus on?

I focus on landscape mostly but also experience with the world of aviation in relation to the northern regions. Some wildlife and the life of the people around me.

Do you have any advice for polar scientists and researchers who might like to engage more with using art to share their results and research?

Art touches the heart and the soul of people. The combination of these 2 worlds can only be successful. Winning the attention with 2 different mediums combined.

Les bleu de larctiqueWhat reactions do you often receive to your art?

Luminosity. People ask how can this be so clear and luminous. Come live in the north and you will see.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing the polar regions today?

Of course we all know about the changes in the climate and just from living all those years in the north, I have already experienced some of the effects of the warming of our planet. On the wildlife, the people and the land. My challenge as and artist is to show the beauty of our regions by winning their hearts and souls. A drop in the bucket to bring sensitivity. To make people realize what is at stake.

© all photos created by Helene Girard

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