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You are invited to take part in a study I am conducting at Durham University.

This project aims to investigate if psychological resilience and well-being in both temporary (Arctic & Antarctic) and permanent (Arctic) polar populations can be explained by universal psychological constructs. Specifically, Basic Psychological Needs Theory which proposes the importance of the satisfaction of three basic needs for competence, relatedness, and autonomy. The project will examine the factors not just in terms of the individual but also the supportive factors that may exist in the person’s wider social or ecological environments and how these interact. For example, individual-level (e.g., coping, personality traits), microsystem (e.g., family, close relationships), exosystem (e.g., wider community), and macrosystem (e.g., political, societal and cultural level). 

The project very much hopes to consider the similarities that are universal and differences that may come from a culturally or context relative perspective such as role or purpose for visit, nationality, culture and ethnicity, gender etc. so to have strong representation across these would be very helpful. These factors having potential to both positively and negatively support resilience and well-being in the current model. 

To complete this study, we are asking people to complete a short series of surveys that should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. All information on the study, such as how the data will be protected, participants right to withdraw as to be expected and full ethical clearance received from Durham University. 

The link to the formal study information and surveys are attached:

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