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YOPP LOGO beb4effb3cA new issue of PolarPredictNews, the official newsletter for the Year of Polar Prediction (YOPP), is now available, and includes news for and from the polar prediction community.

To access the full newsletter, go to PolarPredictNews webpage.

In the 18th issue of PolarPredictNews, Amy MacFarlane presents her second collection of water color drawings from MOSAiC leg 4, which ended about a year ago. PolarPredictNews’ top story is about the various ways Zack Labe visualizes Arctic climate data to ensure environmental changes are easy to grasp.

Also in PolarPredictNews #18, Marvin Kähnert introduces a number of tools that the YOPP-endorsed Alertness project uses to enhance Arctic numerical weather prediction. A former intern, Nikoleta Petridi, delves into current trends in Alaska’s weather and climate in an interview Rick Thoman, a weather expert who for many years has been seeking dialogue with Alaskan communities. Lorenzo Zampieri asks whether the increasing complexity of sea-ice models is useful and suggests a number of strategies for dealing with it. The U.N. Ocean Decade was launched earlier this year. Daniel Butkaitis, from the YOPP ICO, looks how the polar oceans fit into that program. Not long after RV Polarstern returned from the MOSAiC drift last fall, it sailed south in order to resupply Germany’s Neumayer III station and carried out some research on the way. Stefanie Arndt was on board, and she shares her personal impressions in the form of a diary. Also in this edition, read an interview APPLICATE Principal Investigator Thomas Jung and project manager Luisa Cristini to learn about the successes and outcomes of the recently ended, YOPP-endorsed, eight-million-Euro project.


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