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IAS-HIT-eSummer School - 12-25 July 2021, Harbin, China

The theme of the 2021 Arctic Summer School of the School of environment is "POPs and CEACs in the Arctic under Climate Change". Through the study of relevant courses, students can understand the pollution characteristics and sources of POPs and CEACs in various environmental media in the Arctic, as well as the impact of Arctic environmental pollution on human and biological health in the Arctic. 

Harbin Institute of technology is located in the northeast of China and has obvious geographical advantages. In February 2019, the "UArctic-HIT-Training Center" was established, which is the first UArctic regional center outside the eight Arctic countries.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to China's epidemic prevention and control requirements, sponsored by the Undergraduate College the international Arctic School, Summer 2021 with be opened "Online". and provide on-line courses in digital form to students in China and around the world. The IAS-HIT-eSummer2021 is free for all students.

Find more information about the application process on the IAS-HIT-Summer 2021 website.

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