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IACS logo The International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS), the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS), and the International Association of the Physical Sciences of the Oceans (IAPSO) are pleased to announce a week of online seminars, 19-23 July 2021. Registration is FREE. Details of the programme can be found here, and an outline is given below.

The programme of invited speakers includes Early Career Scientist award recipients. From IACS, we are delighted to present our 2021 awardees David Bigelow and Giulia Mazzotti. The IACS Early Career Scientist award is a cash prize of €1000 awarded every two years to two early career scientists who have published the best scientific papers on a cryospheric subject as assessed by an ad-hoc evaluation committee. Information of the IACS ECS awardees of 2021 can be found in our newsletter.

The Virtual Atmosphere-Cryosphere-Ocean seminar week (19-23 July 2021) programme

Monday 19 July, 15:00-17:00 UTC. Remote sensing of the atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere

  • Pepijn Veefkind: The impact of COVID-19 policy measures on air quality and climate: the view from space
  • Paolo Cipollini: Essential Climate Variables over oceans and ice: a view from space
  • Byongjun Hwang: Satellite observation of the floe size distribution of Arctic sea ice: implications for sea ice models

Tuesday 20 July, 15:00-17:00 UTC. Field observations of the atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere

  • Laura Stevens: Stress coupling between Greenland supraglacial lakes during rapid drainage
  • Markus Frey: Sea salt aerosol from blowing snow above sea ice – observations, modelling and atmospheric impacts
  • Joellen Russell: Designing the required Southern Ocean observing system for predicting climate change: robot floats, satellites and supercomputers

Wednesday 21 July, 15:00-17:00 UTC. IAMAS-IACS-IAPSO Early Career Scientist Awards

  • Giulia Mazzotti: Forest snow modelling from tree to regional scales
  • Marta Abalos: Human impacts on the stratospheric circulation
  • Thomas Wahl: Bigger ships or less flooding? How tidal changes affect flooding along the U.S. coast
  • Jessica Fitzsimmons: Micronutrient trace metal dynamics in the Arctic Ocean
  • David Bigelow: The role of englacial hydrology in the filling and drainage of an ice-dammed lake

Wednesday 21 July, 17:00-17:30 UTC. Coupled changes and variability in the atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere

  • Elizabeth Barnes: Machine learning and climate projections

Thursday 22 July, 12:00-13:30 UTC. Coupled changes and variability in the atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere

  • Ruzica Dadic: How much does spatial variability of the sea ice surface (SSL/snow) influence sea ice thickness?
  • Matthew England: Global ocean-atmosphere climate teleconnections

Friday 23 July, 15:00-17:00 UTC. Modelling atmosphere, ocean and cryosphere interactions

  • Cécile Agosta: Antarctic surface mass balance: local and large-scale drivers, present and future
  • Jenny Mecking: Predicting the 2015 North Atlantic Cold Blob
  • Doug Smith: Robust but weak multi-model atmospheric response to future Arctic sea ice loss

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