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177 Mark Orzech Member Bulletin BoardWe would like to make you aware of a Special Issue of the Journal of Marine Science and Engineering (JMSE), "The Ice-Ocean Boundary", that is now accepting submissions.

As climate change continues to reshape the polar environment, it is increasingly important that we fully understand the range of physical processes by which the ocean and the ice interact and the roles these processes will play in defining the future of the Arctic and Antarctic. Ocean currents and waves exert significant force on surface ice through drag and pressure variations. Fluctuations in temperature and salinity affect sea-ice-associated biota, ocean circulation, and the distribution, rheology, and material properties of the ice. Surface ice insulates the ocean beneath from atmospheric processes like solar radiation and wind forcing. The ice-ocean boundary is the primary interface at which these phenomena can be measured and modeled, and yet much about it remains unknown.

In this Special Issue, we welcome contributions from a broad range of theoretical, modeling, field and laboratory research into processes that affect the ice-ocean boundary region, including but not limited to:

- Theoretical or numerical representations of boundary layers associated with currents and/or waves at the ice-ocean interface
- Theory/modeling of shear and form drag on ice
- Field or lab measurements of ice-ocean boundary processes
- Lagrangian drift of sea ice forced by waves
- Temperature and salinity exchanges between ice and ocean
- The effects of algae, plankton, and other cold region biota on sea ice material properties and the boundary layer
- The role of sea ice as a mediating buffer between the atmosphere and ocean
- Alternative representations of surface ice and its boundary processes (e.g., viscous or viscoelastic layer, discrete element modeling, thin elastic plates)

Submission deadline is 31 March 2021. Get more information at:

Dr. Mark D. Orzech
Dr. Jie Yu
Guest Editors

Author: Mark D Orzech

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