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Dear dedicated polar researchers,

APECS and INTERACT collaborate on developing resources for communication and navigation in the field – an important aspect that needs to be considered when preparing a field campaign in the remote, spectacular, but unforgiving Arctic. This aims to become a resource similar to the INTERACT Practical Field Guide. We invite you to contribute with your most compelling photos from the field until 17 May 2020!

We are particularly looking for photos featuring researchers in the field that are pictured using a wide range of navigation and communication tools – a compass and a map, GPS, satellite phone, VHF radio, InReach or SPOT to name a few. The location of the fieldwork can be in the Arctic, Antarctic or at the Third Pole.

Copy of River field work at Zackenberg Greenland Morten Rasch

Field communication technology in action. Photo credit: Morten Rasch.

Please use this form to submit up to five photos (use a second round, if you want to send us more than five photos). You can submit photos in JPEG or TIFF file format with a resolution of 200-300 dpi. As a rule of thumb, the file size of the pictures should exceed 1 MB to have enough resolution for reproduction. Please include your name, the extension _INTERACTGuide_April2020_ and number the photos in the filename

(example: Schneider_Andrea_INTERACTGuide_April2020_1), and indicate basic information about the photo:

Photo no. 1 (2; 3; …)

-        Filename with your name, the extension “_INTERACTGuide_April2020_” and the number of the photo

-        Location where was the photo taken and when,

-        Short description of what is shown.

-        Full name of photographer

Please remember to read and adhere to the copyright information below. 

We invite you to share your best shots with us so they can spread from your hard drives, cameras and computers into the world! The last day to submit your contribution is 17 May 2020. If you have questions or problems, relating to submitting your photo via this form, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Best regards,

Andrea Schneider

On behalf of the INTERACT Fieldwork Communication and Navigation resource project group


Copyright information

    1. Each image submitted must be original and unpublished for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
    2. The photographer shall retain the copyright to the submitted image(s), however grants APECS unrestricted rights to use and edit submitted materials as needed for organizational purposes with or without explicit attribution.
    3. By submitting an image, the photographer will be regarded as having accepted and agreed to be bound by the rules and regulations of the competition and granted the organizer, APECS, royalty-free permissions to use the picture for promotional, commercial, or educational purposes (e.g. website, flyers, postcards). APECS will credit the creator for any use of the pictures.
    4. Any people featured in the image must accept and agree with the intended use. It is the entire and sole responsibility of the person submitting the image(s) to inform and to to obtain the appropriate legal permissions of all the people featured in the submitted images. Any depiction of minors (persons under the age of 18) that are identifiable in the photo must include explicit, written parental consent. Entries will be asked to provide proof of these permissions.
    5. The photographer further gives his consent that his/her personal data included in the submission will be used for the aforementioned purposes.

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