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tromso kunsaforenngLast month we had a great APECS Speed Dating, well a speed networking, event as part of the Arctic Frontiers Conference. The event was held at the Tromsø Art Gallery, which is an amazing place to loose yourself in some contemporary art. This gallery also hosts the PolArt program. We thank the wonderful staff at the Tromsø Art Gallery for all their help in making this event a great success.

PolArt2012 Frank-LudvigsenPolArt is a unique collaboration between science and art. Every summer four young artists are granted scholarships and invited along on a marine research expedition to the Arctic. The artists’ impression from the journey is being developed into an exhibition and showcased by Tromsø Art Gallery during the Arctic Frontiers conference week. Historically scientists and artists have always had a close relationship. By inviting young artists to take part in scientific fieldwork in the Arctic, PolArt wishes to raise the public interest and awareness of polar issues. Through a cultural grass-hopper effect, the PolArt cooperation gives scientist new perspectives on their own research, amplifies the importance of science to the audience through the artist work, and highlights polar issues and urgencies to the politicians thought public opinion. The PolArt Exhibition is a collaboration between Tromsø Art Gallery, Troms County Culture Centre, Norwegian Polar Institute, the Northern Lights Festival, Arctic Frontiers and the research network ARCTOS. For the 2012 artists and their great work, visit

The Tromsø Gallery of Contemporary Art has run continuously since 1924 and is one of Tromsø's oldest cultural institutions. Over the years, the Tromsø Art Association changed from being run on a voluntary basis by art enthusiasts citizens, to become a modern, professionalized institution. The Tromsø Art Gallery has a position as a key venue for contemporary art in North Norway. We have an established tradition of emphasizing the more recent and experimental contemporary art in our program. The Exhibitions and projects we are working with an international orientation, but also with a focus on artists and topics related to our region.  They place great emphasis on creating reflection and discussion about art. Therefore, we arrange regular workshops, artist talks and other events, providing the public knowledge and input to today's contemporary art. Learn more about the Tromsø Art Gallery:

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