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MicroBioEcologyI love the 'little stuff' so this month I am very excited to learn all about what our members are working on to help understand the microbe world of the polar regions. I am sure after you start reading all the about this amazing topic of research, you might get the 'polar bug' to study microbiology yourself… and I know the perfect place for you to consider… The Arctic Microbiology / Microbial Ecology Program at the University of Tromsø!

There is a bachelors' program as well as many masters and PhD courses that will challenge you and expose you to some the the leading researchers in Arctic microbiology. Here is the program description:

The symbioses are important for the nitrogen input in agriculture and in natural ecosystems. Possible projects for the master thesis are use of nitrogen fixing symbioses in agriculture, biodiversity of nitrogen fixing bacteria, and studies of genes important for the interaction between host plants and bacteria.

The climatic conditions in the Arctic are special with regards to light, temperature, humidity and possible global climatic changes will be especially dramatic in these areas. Possible projects for the master thesis in arctic microbiology are microbial diversity in tundra, microbial processes in carbon and nitrogen cycling, and the interactions between micro-organisms and the rest of the ecosystem. Effects of climate change on microbial communities and ecosystems can be addressed.

Projects for master theses can be a combination of field and laboratory research or only in the laboratory. It will also be possible to tailor special projects directed against special topics or ecosystems.

Learn more here:

Our friends to the North at the University Centre in Svalbard offer an amazing 10 ECTS course in Arctic Microbiology that I hope all of you check out:

There are many other great opportunities to do research in microbial ecology - so for more ideas or contacts, just send me an email and I'll try to direct you to some of the best professors we have!

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