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This is a great example of how APECS gives you great opportunities and how you can really contribute to make people more aware of pressing polar issues.

Read about the live interview Julia Schmale gave in Claudia Palacio‘s show „Encuentro“ on 13 May, 2011, on CNN Espanol.

Why is CNN Espanol, the CNN voice for Latin America, interested in Arctic issues?

Even though the Arctic is far away from Middle and South America the public realizes that we all will suffer the consequences of a warming Arctic. So, Claudia Palacio asked several burning questions on behalf of about 590 million people.

The interview was inspired by the recent release of the AMAP SWIPA report (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic Report) where Arctic scientists pointed out that changes in the Arctic cryosphere are occurring a lot faster than anticipated. At the same time the Arctic Council Meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs from the 8 Arctic countries took place in Nuuk on 12 May, 2011, where the major AMAP result were communicated.

The CNN Espanol interview was a great success because it showed that every day more people are concerned about the warming Arctic and that we young researchers can convey the message to a broad audience!

This opportunity was created through the active and enthusiastic participation of APECS in the AMAP conference from 3-6 May in Copenhagen. Through close cooperation with the AMAP steering board APECS members were approached right away when CNN Espanol needed a Spanish-speaking person to communicate the conference results.

Let‘s keep up this great work!

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