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APECS Presentation at Natural and Social Science Cooperation in Northern Russia and Norway for Mutual Benefits across National and Scientific Borders (BENEFITS)

APECS was represented at Moscow Meeting (24-27 February) to involve more young scientists in M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University. The project with the short name Benefits is a collaboration project between Norwegian Institute for Nature Research, four Russian partner institutes at the Russian Academy of Science and Moscow State University, and Cambridge University. The overall project aim has been to develop a long-lasting scientific and educational collaboration network between Norwegian and Russian institutions with focus on development in northern regions through combined naturaland social science approaches. The network focuses on young scientist and graduated student activities linked to topics related to processes controlling changes in the boreal-arctic transition zone in Northern Norway and Russia. The most important instruments for the collaboration are joint workshops and fieldwork, exchange of young scientists, and joint publications. BENEFITS is linked to the IPY core project PPS Arctic (PPS Arctic is the short name for Present day processes, Past changes, and Spatiotemporal variability of biotic, abiotic and socio-environmental conditions and resource components along and across the Arctic delimitation zone”. The project is coordinated by Dr. A. Hofgaard, NINA and co-coordinator Dr. G. Rees, Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge University, UK.) which is a multidisciplinary research cluster focusing on circumpolar northern regions and sub-arctic environments, and the transition zone to the Arctic. PPS Arctic includes >140 scientists and graduate students from 10 countries, with activities at >30 sites in the circumpolar forest-tundra zone.

Proceedings ISBN 978-5-89575-192-3

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