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silje-apecs-standContributed by Silje-Kristin Jensen and Ute Vogel

While many of us were at the SCAR conference in wonderful Buenus Aires, the folks back here in Tromsø were working hard to tell people about our organization and the opportunities we offer to help expand their careers. During the University of Tromsø International Student orientation, Silje-Kristin Jensen ran a tanned about our great organization. Several students came up to the stand curious about APECS. Most of them wanted to know how APECS could help them in their studies and how their studies fit into the APECS organization. We gave out brochures and pamphlets about APECS and who we collaborate with. Many of the students were interested in our jobs website page, so keep updating it :-) As a result we had several new members join our organization.

Just in case you were wondering what types of programs there are for you at UiT, here is some more information.

In recent years Tromsø has developed to an internationally known centre for research on climate change, Arctic marine ecosystems and geology, marine biotechnolgy, international ocean- and fisheries management, indigenous people of the North, Arctic governance and Geopoltics in the High North. Around 450 people are engaged in High North research at the University. The University cooperates closely with other research institutions in town like the Norwegian Polar Institute and the Institute of Marine Research. A multidisciplinary approach to High North issues is a clear advantage of the Tromsø research community.

UiTs international study programmes and course portfolio reflect this dedication to the High North. The University hosts around 400 international bachelor and master students per year. Exchange students can select courses from all six faculties ranging from Law over Biomedicine to Space Physics. A course series about Arctic Norway, specially designed for international students and offered each autumn semester, gives a good introduction into the geopoltical impact of the region: "Arctic Norway - Aspects of Poltics, History and Culture".

Degree seeking students are invited to apply to one of the 22 English taught Master's degree programmes. 
Master's degree programmes with strong Arctic impact are:
- Indigeous studies
- Law of the Sea
- Arctic Biology, Arctic Marine Ecology and Terrestrial Northern Ecosystems
- Biomedicine
- Geology
- Space Physics and Technology
- Technology and Safety in the High North
- Telemedicine and E-health
- Science-based Business Creation and Entepreurship

PhDs are admitted at all six faculties. Five of seven PhD research schools focus on High North issues:
- ARCTOS - Arctic Marine Ecosystem Research Network Research School
- Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics Research School
- BARESS – Barents Earth Observation and Remote Sensing School
- CEPIN – Citenzenship, Encounters and Place Enactment in the North
- EPINOR – Epidemiological research in the High North

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