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A special thank you to Alexey Pavlov who recorded part of the skit on the future of polar research presented by Hugues Lantuit and Jenny Baeseman, APECS' founders, at the IPY Oslo Science Conference.  Enjoy.

Here's the initial part of the script that was cut off - read this first so you have some context :)

"Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman, I am Hugues Lantuit

And I am Jenny Baeseman. Welcome to this very special live broadcast of the World’s most watched network – the Polar Broadcasting Channel.  Tonight we are proud to be coming to you live from Svalbard –  on this very special eve of the launch of the 5th International Polar Year - February 29, 2032. - 25 years after the launch of the event that changed the world, the 4th IPY. This evening we are broadcasting live to over 5 billion viewers the major highlights of the past 25 years as well as the formation and selection of the new research projects for IPY 5.

For those of you who are tuning into our channel for the first time, you may remember us from such holographic series as “Baywatch: Tyksi” where I of course replaced David Hasselhoff, and my dear co-anchor who has become affectionately known as the “Pamela Anderson of the Arctic”

Yes, I’m still not sure how that happened, but let’s not forget your season on “Survivor Antarctica….” Where you sang your love song to permafrost, “Don’t Melt Away (I need a Job!)”

Ah Yeah, Jen, that was an amazing experience and really helped to launch my dancing career… but what I really want to point out is how we still look so young after 25 years of dedication to polar research

We certainly have not aged much, but you and I both have to give the credit to Carlsonite, the anti-aging biomolecule from a bacteria isolated in Lake Vostok in 2015.  But on with the show. The last 25 years have been amazing and tonight we will share with you a few of the globally significant events that have happened over the past 25 years. So now to the news:..."


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