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We are seeking a project assistant on a part-time basis to help coordinate an initial assessment of the outcomes of International Polar Year (IPY) Education and Outreach. The scope of the project is to help outline the lessons learned and any internationally coordinated efforts that should continue after the closure of the IPY International Programme Office. Please find a detailed job description as well as project background in the text below and the document attached. Ideally the position will be located in Tromsø, Norway, but those wishing to work on contract remotely are also encouraged to apply.

The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) will work together with the IPY Office on this International Council for Science funded project over the next year.

Inquiries about the position should be sent to the APECS Director, Jenny Baeseman (jbaeseman[at]
Please circulate this announcement widely,

Jenny Baeseman
on behalf of SCAR, IASC, APECS and the IPY IPO

Job Description:
Education and Outreach Lessons from IPY
Project Assistant

Position Type: Project Assistant
Duration of Contract: 50% time for 12 months or 100% time for 6 months
Salary Level: Norwegian Salary Grade 48
Job Location: Ideally Tromsø, Norway (but those wishing to work remotely are also encouraged to apply)
Starting Date: 1 July 2010 (or before)
Application Review will begin 10 May 2010 and continue until position is filled

Background on Project:
The International Polar Year (IPY 2007-2008) is recognized as one of the largest international and interdisciplinary science efforts in history. Aside from ground-breaking research, IPY has established innovative and effective international education and outreach programmes while stimulating perhaps the largest focused investment in science education in recent times. The IPY education programme represents, in microcosm, a wealth of practical and real-world information by which to address shared IPY and ICSU aims.

The outcomes of the Education and Outreach Lessons from IPY - an inventory, preliminary assessment and plans for a more substantive assessment, as well as recommendations for future activities in polar science education and in science education generally, will prove immensely valuable to the ICSU community and educators in general.

Specifically the project aims to:

Conduct an inventory and begin planning for a general assessment, from an international viewpoint, of Education, Outreach and Communication (EOC) strategies, programmes, and networks active during IPY;
Identify key target groups that need to be continually informed about the latest polar (and general scientific) research;
Determine key activities to sustain the dissemination of polar research (science information) to target groups;
Identify the factors and mechanisms by which IPY successfully stimulated and inspired the enthusiastic involvement of early career and future scientists;
Provide guidance on the incorporation of early career researchers in large-scale science planning and research;
Construct a set of 'lessons learned' from the IPY EOC experience relevant to engaging the public in ICSU's international science research programmes and
Discuss the roles key partners, within and outside of ICSU, who contributed to IPY's success and who can play a role in future ICSU education programmes.
The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists (APECS), Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC) will work together with the IPY EOC to conduct this assessment and compile recommendations that other international science projects can use to share their research efforts with the global community.

Specific Job Duties:
The person will be responsible for coordinating all activities and documents involved with the above project, this includes but is not limited to:
Working with a core group of international education and outreach specialists interested in polar science communication
Organizing in-person and teleconference meetings (scheduling, forming and circulating agendas, meeting notes, document preparation, etc)
Compiling information from various sources to generate reports
Adding content to websites
If the successful applicant is interested in extending the position, assistance with proposal writing will be required.
Tangible products include, but are not limited to:
Survey of IPY Outreach Efforts
Online Database of Polar Outreach Specialists
Written Guidelines for the continuation of International Polar Outreach
Final project report to stakeholders
This person will report to the Director of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists and will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of this project, including email and telephone correspondence with various international groups.

Excellent proficiency in the written and spoken English language
Proficiency with computers, basic software and internet-based communication (ie. Google Groups and Documents, Doodle Polls, Skype conferencing calls, email)
Working knowledge of content management based websites (experience with Joomla is ideal)
Very organized and deadline oriented
Excellent Communication skills
Friendly and good at finding compromises
Experience in research and/or science communication
Experience working with international colleagues
The position is expected to be filled at a Masters degree level, but other educational levels will be considered.

To Apply:

Send a resume with contact information for 3 references, writing samples, and a cover letter detailing the following to ipy-outreach[at]
Qualifications in regards to the experience needed
Preferred location (if not in Tromsø, please suggest how you might work remotely)
Reasons you are interested this position and if you are interested in helping to write proposals to extend the position.
Review of applicants will begin 10 May and continue until the position is filled.
For questions or inquiries, please contact Jenny Baeseman (jbaeseman[at]


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