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International Polar last week , organized by the International Polar Office of the International Polar Year (IPO-IPY) took place between 15-19 March 2010 and APECS Portugal (with its polar members in the sun)  was very active in it.  The theme was "How the polar region can affect us all!". Numerous events where APECS Portugal was involved took place:

  • 19 March - APECS PORTUGAL workshop “what is the role of early career scientists in polar science” , organized by José Xavier, Marco Jorge and Alexandre Trindade at the Institute of Marine Research of the University of Coimbra. Huge success, with a new executive committee elected and a new strategy for 2010 implemented!
  • 19 March - E & O activity “ask and get frozen by the answers” with early career scientists replying questions from children during lunch, organized with the Museum of Science of the University of Coimbra
  • 18 March - E & O activity “ read & learn” which involved schools from Portugal, whose students read the book “Adventure in high seas” (children adventure book whose the famous 5 get lost and reach Antarctica; the book is based on interviews made by the authors to José Xavier and Gonçalo Vieira, both young polar researchers) and had a skype call to discuss the book and how the polar regions can affect us all.
  • 16 March - E & O activity between APECS Portugal (José Xavier) and IPY Office, and we called Zambia to talk about “How polar regions can affect you!”. From Cambridge, José Xavier and Nicola Munro (IPY Office) explained the importance of IPY days, the polar regions and the effects of climate change everywhere in our planet. Lucky and his students from the University of Zambia took part and numerous discussion took place, with amazing views on Zambia work on climate change.
  • 19 March - E & O activity “ world call on polar issues” gathering representatives from numerous continents: José Xavier (APECS Portugal, Europe), Nicola Munro (IPO, UK), Miriam Almeida and her students (APECS Brazil, America), Khadijah Sinclair and her students (Malaysia, Asia), Gordon Fraser and Don Ross (Arctic, North America). Personal views (from scientists, educators, students and citizens) on how climate change and the polar regions can affects us all.
  • 15-19 March - Group of science lectures at the University of Lisbon

Finally, some great news: in preparation for Oslo IPY Science Conference, Portugal IPY committee awarded 8 scholarships for early carer scientists to attend the conference!

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