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We are happy to inform you that the "Cephalopod beak guide for the Southern Ocean" (see attached), published by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), was launched early this month at the Cephalopod International Advisory Council Conference, in Vigo (Spain), with very good reviews. Jose Xavier, former APECS Executive Committee member was the lead author on this great contribution to the knowledge of cephalopods and their interactions with predators in the Southern Ocean.

This book  is the result of the research carried out during the International Polar Year (IPY), within your two international research projects: Integrating Climate and Ecosystem Dynamics in the Southern Ocean (ICED) and Census of the Antarctic Marine Life  (CAML) and was endorsed  by the International Polar Year. The APECS logo was included in the book thanks to Jose.

Antarctic squid and octopods are highly represented in the diet of a wide range of Antarctic predators, including albatrosses, seals, penguins and whales. We produced an up-to-date guide to identify the squid and octopods beaks, including 3-D computer images, making this book a extremely useful tool to marine ecologists dealing with trophic interactions in the Southern Ocean.

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