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eucopiii logo1Norway seems to be the 'hot spot' for polar related conferences these days. You will see in the News section the great opportunities for young researchers at the IPY Oslo Science Conference, but there are many others coming up that would be great for you to attend too. This month I am taking the opportunity to tell you about the 3rd European Conference on Permafrost, or EUCOP III as it is called... but also make sure you check out the International Symposium on Sea Ice in the Physical and Biogeochemical System in the home of the APECS office, Tromsø, 31 May - 4 June.

EUCOP III will focus on both arctic and alpine permafrost research and recent achievements like the permafrost related IPY campaigns. Issues related to CO2-storage in permafrost areas will also be covered. This will be a great place for all of you that are either already involved in permafrost research, or who want to get involved... and it is on one of the most northernly inhabited places in the world - Svalbard! This conference is hosted at UNIS, which you may remember me mentioning in the July 2009 Newsletter.

pyrn smallThis is also be a great opportunity for me to make sure all of you follow the great activities of one of our partner organizations - PYRN (the Permafrost Young Researchers Network: PYRN is planning several events for young researchers at this meeting and there are travel fellowships available... and don't forget that if you go to the IPY Oslo Conference you are only a short flight from Svalbard!

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