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- Contributed by Chao Tang, APECS Microbiology Discipline Coordinator and social organizer

On April 18th, in conjunction with Southern California Geobiology symposium at University of California (UC), Riverside, a small and warm APECS breakfast social was held. 10 attendants come from four institutions including University of Southern California, Jet Propulsion Lab of California Institute of Technology, Scripps Institution of Oceanography of UC- San Diego and UC-Riverside. It was indeed an international gathering too as we come from at least four countries including US, Russia, Germany and China. Most didn’t know much about APECS before, I introduced APECS’ mission in promoting international and interdisciplinary collaboration, APECS’ events, field schools, recent proposed activities such as the literature web discussion and virtual poster session. I also talked about the benefits of being a member and there are so many young scientists and educators out there in this community willing to network and learn from each other. Then we took turns to introduce ourselves and shared our research fields. Here’s a brief summary: Our study sites covered both poles, oceans, even Mars and other planets! Our research topics include microbial diversity, functions in various environments, habitability of outer space, design and use of advanced instruments for cell and molecule detection and molecule signature and utilization in environment quality and history assessing. It was an enriching experience for me just to listen to what everybody was doing! I think everybody had fun even though the food was a bit underwhelming.

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