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People Polar Day (Sept 2008) was the opportunity to highlight the human health, social, political, and economic aspects of the polar regions and engage communities in examining and comparing global perceptions of the polar regions. Canadian IPY partners coordinated the development of the international educational activities in concert with the international network. The program included an educational activity that facilitated classroom discussions of the concept of a 'community' and the changes being experienced by communities across the globe. A web-based interface connected participating classes in a worldwide discussion where they could compare similarities and differences between polar and non-polar regions. Twenty-one classes participated and shared associated artwork and PowerPoints. To compliment these discussions an independent Canadian Arctic radio station (CKLB) led the development of 24 hours of IPY related broadcasting (reaching 3 different time zones) connecting people/communities around the world. Researchers answered questions about their IPY programs (what they're doing, why it's important, initial results, how these will funnel back to polar communities), and responded to student questions about what it's like to live and work at the poles and how climate change may impact northerners' way of life. Community leaders gave presentations on the dynamics of life at the poles and answered questions from students about polar environments, animals and local customs. This was the first 'Polar Day' that extended to a 'Polar Week' and engaged 35 countries from Antarctica, Australia, Brazil, Zambia, Canada & the US.
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