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APECS Canada Online Conference 2014

Guest speaker - Steve Fergurson: Killer whale predation in the Arctic Nick Pilfold: Polar bear predatory behaviour reveals seascape distribution of ringed seal lairs. Isabel Barrio: Creating a research network to study herbivory in northern and alpine environments. Patrick O. Englehardt: A textural and lithological examination of the Camp 26 Medial Moraine Atlin, British Columbia, Canada Leah Beveridge: The Environmental Risks of Shipping in the Canadian Arctic, the Implications for Northerners, and a Way Forward Guest speaker - Louis Fortier: Deciphering the ontogenic migrations of the Arctic cod using acoustics over the annual cycle in the Beaufort Sea. Jesica Goldsmit: Early detection of non-indigenous species in ports of the Canadian Arctic: Establishing a baseline. Matthew Gilbert: Alternative migratory strategies of Arctic char in a highly variable and changing environment. Karen Dunmall: Arctic Salmon: Monitoring Change through Local Communities Louise Chavarie: Fatty acid signatures and stomach contents of four sympatric Lake Trout: assessment of trophic patterns among morphotypes and spatio-temportal variability in Great Bear Lake.

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APECS Canada Webinar Series

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