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Arctic PASSION Online Seminar on Media Production in the Field


Olivia Rempel

GRID Arendal

Media Production in the field (Online seminar part 2/2) 

So, you’ve identified your story and how you want to tell it (see part 1:, but now you’ve got to actually go out there and gather the media, on top of doing your actual research! In part 2 of our Polar Week sci comms seminars, we went over how to gather media in the field. We covered how to identify your story’s needs and how to put together a production plan that allows you to work smarter, not harder. We also went over some basic photography and videography best practices, what kinds of shots to gather, how to prepare for an interview, and some tips on how best to record audio (because remote interviews aren’t going anywhere any time soon). We covered all of this and more in part 2 of our Polar Week sci comms Arctic PASSION seminar!  

If you haven’t so far, check out the first part of the mini science communication seminar series on Storytelling in Science:

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APECS-Arctic PASSION Online Seminar and Dialogue Series

The EU Project “Arctic PASSION” aims to build a coherent Arctic Observing System that is adjusted to societal needs based on a co-design of knowledge. The Arctic PASSION Online Seminar and Dialogue Series is a tool to communicate project’s topics, share ideas, plans and results, and to initiate an inclusive and proactive dialogue with people from different groups, backgrounds and career levels. It is targeted to Arctic and Indigenous Youth, Early Career Scientists and other interested audiences. 

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