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Photo Exhibition Tour: Arctic Dreams

Photographer Julia Bachmann


On 19 January, APECS Art group invited to an online tour with Julia through her personal exhibition in Kringa hall in Tromsø to learn about the background of frames.

Julia didn’t really look on a map, applying to be an exchange student in the University of Tromso. Norway was a dream destination, and the young gifted photographer ended up being quite surprised to see how far north Tromsø is. Unexpectedly it became one of the best coincidences of her life!

Julia was always fascinated by the wonderfulness of the world around, especially there, in the Arctic. Experiencing polar day and polar night with phenomena like northern lights became an outstanding new passion. To be more exact, the colours are intense, the landscape is like nowhere else. Polar night is everything, but not a colourless winter landscape. If you thought so, you've done your maths without the pastel skies of deep blue mornings, or the bright northern lights in so many hallucinatory shades. But mainly the lifestyle up the Polar circle is what gave Julia a breathtaking opportunity to see the world from another perspective. Unexpected impressions came from people Julia met in Tromso. She comments: “In the last six months, I was able to get to know the locals. Also many international students from different countries. This brought together many views, opinions. Sharing good and tough moments has made the exchange among each other all the more exciting”.

“Arctic dream” exhibition has its focus on the daily life of Polar city habitants. It is about dreams and about facing the darkness of the polar night, it is about different situations, shared experiences, opportunities, hopes from a multicultural approach. With her camera Julia captured little personal stories of the big Arctic commune.
Most traditional to see on the North related photo exhibition is nature, wildlife, indigenous lifestyle. “Arctic dream” is breaking stereotypes by presenting people along the multicultural path of talented photographer Julia Bachmann.


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