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Antarctica Day 2021: Work and life at Antarctic Research Stations #2

Zhongshan, Taishan, Kunlun, Yellow River Stations (China), Xinmiao Jin, Mechanical Engineer, Polar Research Institute of China

Weddell Sea Deep field camp, Wai Yin Cheung, Glaciology PhD student, Polar Research & Expedition Consultant, PoSSUM scientist-astronaut candidate

Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station (USA), Wayne White, Former South Pole Winter Site Manager at Leidos

Professor Julio Escudero Base (Chile), Dr. Marcelo Gonzalez, Scientist at The Chilean Antarctic Institute

King Sejong Station at King George Island and Jang Bogo Station at Terra Nova Bay (Korea), Mr. Dongmin Jin, Head of Korea-New Zealand Antarctic Cooperation Center, Christchurch, NZ, former Director of the planning division of Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI)

McMurdo Station (USA), Shackleton Glacier Camp, Ioannis Baziotis, Assistant Professor in Mineralogy-Petrology


Have you been wondering or curious about what it is like to live at the South Pole, walk in a "town" called McMurdo, how Scott Base looks like from the inside, what people do at ZhongShan Station, why one overwinters at King Sejong Station and about many other stations and deep field camps around Antarctica? We bet you have! So, read on.

In three different sessions of this year's Antarctica Day Webinar series, researchers and staff members who worked or are currently working in Antarctica shared their first-hand experiences, personal stories, excitements and challenges they faced in and around Antarctic research stations with us. We were also thrilled to have some speakers speaking live from McMurdo (the US), Davis Station (Australia) and other stations! A Q/A session was held at the end of each of the webinars.

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