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Bias in professional relationships

Susan Sullivan1, Kristy Tiampo1, Hazel Bain1, Chelsea Thompson2

2Scientific Aviation


The webinar was held on 8 August 2019.

It was an airing of a panel that APECS Council member Meghan Helmberger helped organize with the CIRES (Cooperative Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences) graduate association or CGA that she co-chairs at University of Colorado Boulder. The panel was 45 minutes long with about 15 minutes of questions/discussion and that was followed by a question/answer period/discussion with the APECS community, including two of the original panelists (Kristy Tiampo and Chelsea Thompson).

All the panelists who participated on the panel are:

Dr. Susan Sullivan, CIRES

Susan Sullivan is the Director of the Diversity and Inclusion program at CIRES. Her role includes recruiting a broad talent pool and supporting an inclusive workplace culture at CIRES where all can thrive in their chosen career path.

Dr. Kristy Tiampo, CIRES

Dr. Kristy Tiampo is the Director of the Earth Science and Observation Center in CIRES and a Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder. She obtained her PhD in Geophysics from the University of Colorado at Boulder, after practicing as a construction engineer for the US Army Corps of Engineers for almost 10 years. At EOSC, her focus has expanded to the development of interdisciplinary initiatives into a wider variety of natural hazards and techniques, with the goal of fostering new remote sensing initiatives with resident and affiliated researchers.

Dr. Hazel Bain, CIRES

Dr. Hazel Bain is a CIRES Research Scientist based at NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center. She has a strong interest in increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM because she believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be present, to be heard, and to be treated fairly. Biases, both explicit and implicit, often stand in the way of this. Implicit biases, in particular, are something that we all have and need to be aware of in order to reduce their impacts. She recently convened a panel on implicit bias at the AGU Fall meeting in order to connect experts in this field with our scientific community, with the goal of furthering our communities awareness of implicit bias

Dr. Chelsea Thompson, Scientific Aviation

Dr. Thompson is an atmospheric chemist who, until recently, was a CIRES researcher in the NOAA Chemical Sciences Division. She is an experienced field scientist, having worked at various ground sites including the Alaskan Arctic and the oil and gas fields of Utah, and flown on large-scale airborne missions with NOAA and NASA. Chelsea is now a recovering academic working in business development at Scientific Aviation, a private airborne measurements company based locally in Boulder.

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