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Post-doc in macroalgal blue carbon research
Greenland Institute of Natural Resources
  • Postdoctoral Researcher

The Greenland Climate Research Centre (GCRC) at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources invites applicants for a 2-year full time post-doc position for the BlueCea project on contribution of macroalgae to blue carbon across the Greenland – Iceland – Faroe – Scotland-Ridge (hereafter the ridge). The successful applicant will be based in Nuuk, Greenland. BlueCea (Tracing the fate of macroalgae with a focus on blue carbon processes in sub-arctic North Atlantic fjord ecosystems and beyond) is a project recently funded by the Research Council Faroe Islands. The project involves five partners across the northern periphery, including Aarhus University (Denmark), Fiskaaling (Faroe Islands), Tari (Faroe Islands), the Faroe Marine Research Institute (Faroe Islands) and GCRC (Greenland). The successful candidate will work with all project partners to address pertinent questions in blue carbon research, such as whether kelp and fucus species actually store the majority of carbon as currently thought, how macroalgal blue carbon uptake and storage might be affected by changes in environmental conditions, and which proportion of carbon captured by macroalgae reaches carbon sinks for long-term storage. The post will focus on a temperate (Kaldback fjord, Faroe Islands) and sub-Arctic (Sermelik Fjord, East Greenland) fjord system with the purpose to estimate blue carbon standing stock in macroalgae forests at either ends of the Ridge and trace the likelihood of this carbon to reach carbon sinks through various pathways. The post holder will combine traditional survey methodology, and satellite imagery analysis to identify macroalgal carbon sinks on land, within fjords and offshore. Results will feed into the further development of an already existing numerical ocean model (Fjordprocess project) to help to make clearer predictions about the distribution and function of macroalgae across the Ridge which will be used to inform management.


The successful candidate will work closely with the other post-docs employed on this project. Particular responsibilities include:

  • Plan and participate in field work in East Greenland and the Faroe Islands to collect macroalgal and detritus biodiversity and biomass estimates.
  • Participate in offshore surveys as part of the GCRC benthic monitoring program.
  • Analyse already existing and newly collected video data for macroalgal abundance.
  • Analyse satellite imagery for macroalgal detritus.
  • Disseminate scientific findings through publications in peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences.
  • Contribute to outreach activities.


The ideal candidate has a PhD in marine biology or ecology and a background in macroalgal and/or blue carbon research. Early career scientists are especially encouraged to apply for this position. We are looking for a self-motivated, enthusiastic individual to join our team with the following skill set (or a subset thereof):

  • Required Multi and univariate statistical analysis skills in R/Phyton
  • Macroalgae identification skills
  • Fluent English


  • Experience deploying ROVs and/or drones
  • Experience on offshore surveys
  • Experience with video analysis
  • Experience in conducting research in polar environments
  • Experience with oceanographic modelling
  • Experience in working in remote locations
  • Danish or Greenlandic language skills

The position is available from July 2023, or as soon as possible hereafter. Further information For further information on the position, please contact Nadescha Zwerschke by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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