Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

One of the goals of APECS is to give early career researchers a way to contribute to polar science and help shape the future and direction of polar studies. APECS also wants to help connect early career researchers with organizations interested in polar issues to foster upcoming leaders in polar science.

When you are asked to represent APECS (or early career researchers generally) please keep the APECS goals and objectives in mind.

When you get the position:

  1. Check with the APECS Executive Director or Executive Committee if there are any preparations you have to do for your role.
  2. Review the APECS rep summary report – there is one version for representatives attending meetings/workshops and one for serving on a committee. You will need to complete this form so that we can share it with our members and our partners. You can find the blank forms here (for meetings) and here (for committees). The summary will be added to the APECS News and the APECS Representatives pages.
  3. Review any documents sent to you by the meeting you will be attending or the organization / committee you will be included in (e.g. meeting documents) and the website of the organization/group who is putting the meeting on or that you will be working with on the committee. Make sure you understand acronyms associated with the group (or at least have a cheat sheet) so that you can follow the meeting without confusion. APECS has a great database of some of the most common acronyms used

Attending a Meeting:

During the meeting:

  1. We ask that you represent yourself as who you are (i.e. PhD student at Carleton University, Canada) and as an APECS representative (if you are asked to do so).
  2. If you are attending a meeting that has multiple sections or groups, join the group that interests you the most. We want you to get as much out of the meeting as possible, just make sure to attend the main sessions that will allow you to summarize the main points of the meetings.
  3. Network! One of the benefits of going to meetings is that you get to meet and interact with people you may not normally see.
  4. Take notes. You will need to complete the report after the meeting.

After the meeting:

  1. Complete the summary report and send it to the APECS ExCom and director. If you have been working with any other APECS committees on the position, send the summary to them as well. Summaries should be submitted as soon as possible, but must be submitted within 3 weeks after the meeting.
  2. If you made some contacts, be sure to follow up with those people. Send an email touching base with people you exchanged cards with. Even if there are no obvious collaborations or connections to make, it is always nice to expand your professional network, and future projects are always in the works.

Serving on a committee:

Some APECS positions are on committees that meet regularly online rather than at a single in-person meeting. For these representatives, the basics are mostly the same with a couple small differences.

  1. Update reports (this form) should be submitted once every six months, unless the committee meets less than four times per year, in which case annual reports will suffice. Annual report should be sent no later than 1 August of any given year to ensure the information can be included in the APECS Annual Report.
  2. Before meetings, check the agenda to see if any topics require direct input from APECS. If so, check with the ExCom and director if necessary to make sure you’re fully up to date on relevant APECS activities.
  3. If anything comes up during a committee meeting that requires APECS involvement, follow up right away with the ExCom or APECS director. Do not wait until the next report!
  4. If at the end of your term a new APECS representative is replacing you on the committee, talk to them to make sure they are up to date on what has happened during your term.

Contact APECS

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