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Trista Vick-MajorsPostdoctoral Research Fellow, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada

APECS Executive Committee Members 2014-2016

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Quebec in Montreal. I have worked in the Antarctic since 2008, when I began my International Polar Year MSc research focusing on the responses of aquatic microorganisms to the annual Antarctic sunset. My PhD work focused on the interactions between microbes and the carbon cycle in a subglacial lake (800 m beneath the surface of the Antarctic Ice Sheet) and in the ocean under the McMurdo and Ross ice shelves. For my postdoctoral work, I have switched hemispheres and am now studying the interactions between microbes and dissolved organic matter in boreal aquatic environments. The boreal biome covers much of Northern America and Eurasia, from ~50 to 70 degrees north. Of that vast area of land, much of it is covered in water. These inland waters are key players in the global carbon cycle, and their high degree of connectivity with the surrounding terrestrial environment makes them excellent places to study land-water-atmosphere carbon interactions. Dissolved organic matter is also abundant in these systems - they are ideal places to study the relationship between microorganisms and dissolved organic matter. My research focuses on the use of high-resolution molecular characterizations of dissolved organic matter combined with detailed data on microbial community structure and function across ecological continuums. I aim to use these combined datasets to further our understanding of the coupling between microorganisms and their carbon sources.

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