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Council Meeting IPYOslo Fernandoy2Did you ever wonder how an international organization is run and sets its priorities? Who helps to make the decisions about how things work? Who are the leaders of these organizations and what are they doing? For APECS, this major decision making body is the Council - and if you're looking to gain some great leadership experience, on an international level, and help shape the future of polar research, think about getting involved in the Council!

Council members are involved in many activities: they organize events and activities for early career researchers around the world; they are engaged in several Council project groups; they shape the future of APECS together with the Executive Committee and the Directorate by helping to plan the directions, goals and objectives of our organization; they serve as representative of an international community; and they help to keep our members updated on new results in polar research! Because they are active leaders, they often get opportunities to represent APECS at important conferences and meetings and are recognized by senior leaders in their field.

Apply for the APECS Council 2018-2019

Foto World SummitDo you want to get (or remain) active in APECS and the APECS leadership? The applications for APECS Council 2018-2019 are accepted anytime during the year!

About the Council

The APECS Council is the larger of the two leadership committees of APECS. Its members work on projects (e.g. webinars, workshops, Polar Weeks), coordinate APECS activities, and govern the organisation.

The Council has two categories of members:

  • individual Council members (any APECS member who wants to serve on the APECS Council as an individual);
  • representatives from APECS National Committees and organisational members of APECS (i.e., partner organisations).

The 2018-2019 Council term is from 1 October 2018 through 30 September 2019 but we accept applications throughout the year. 

More information on the Council, the Council member categories and their tasks, rights and responsibilities can be found in the Council Charter and on our Council pages. Please also get to know our current Council members and read notes of our meetings. No prior experience with APECS is necessary to join the Council, and we encourage all APECS members to consider applying!

Why should you get active in APECS? Being involved in the APECS Council provides you with opportunities to engage internationally and across disciplines with other early career researchers and professionals who are interested in the Polar and Alpine regions and the wider Cryosphere. Within our projects, you can develop valuable skills in project management, leadership and communication skills in a friendly and supportive environment that will help you in your future careers no matter if they will be in academia or non-academic professions. APECS Council members value the international networks they develop through the council, as well as the recognition and accomplishments through their work.

How to apply?

If you have any questions, or you want any general information about the APECS Council please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We really appreciate all our APECS volunteers and their commitment to paving the way for the future of polar research!

APECS Council Charter

The APECS Council charter was ammended October 2016 to reflect revised roles for National Committee Representatives on the Council. 

Rights and Responsibilities of Council Members
Approved 1 February 2011
Updated and amended unanimously by the 2015-2016 APECS Council on 18 September 2016

Updated and amended by the 2016-2017 APECS Council on 17 October 2016

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