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Francesca Pasotti* and Ann Vanreusel*
*Marine Biology Laboratory, Ghent University, Belgium
APECS benelux symposium
Since 1950’s mean winter air temperatures in the West Antarctic Peninsula (WAP) has risen of about 6°C and shelf waters (mainly the first 50 m) have warmed of about 1°C. We know that about 87% of the Peninsula glaciers are actively retreating and perennial sea ice is no longer a common feature of this environment. The Imcoast (Impact of climate induced glacier melt on marine coastal systems in the WAP region) project investigates the effects of glacial retreat on land and coastal waters ecosystems of Potter Cove and Admirality bay (KGI) in terms of present and past environmental changes and biological community’s responses. Potter Cove presents an ideal study site since the Fourcade glacier, which is facing his waters, is actively retreating since the early ‘50s. Within the Working Package 4, our laboratory is involved in the IP-6 package Effects of glacial erosion on coastal meiobenthos. With this poster we present the main research activities we are carrying out within this international context and we want to briefly outline some of the preliminary results coming from an in field study and a lab experiment.
Antarctic,benthos,meiofauna,climate change
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