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Interdisciplinarity in Education: Learning about the Poles in EFL/Language Arts Classes in Brazil
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Interdisciplinary activities were developed as part of English as a Foreign Language / Language Arts classes in two different Brazilian secondary schools: one in Rio Claro/SP and the other in Araraquara/SP. The students did reading comprehension exercises about topics such as the polar regions, climate change and sea ice, they took part in school fairs doing experiments focused on specific interdisciplinary aspects of polar research, talked on the phone to scientists in the field and took part with students from other countries on live radio broadcasts asking polar scientists questions about the poles and learning about Inuit life, they wrote songs and poetry, among other activities. On one of the Polar Days, in one of the schools, more than 300 secondary students, most of them wearing green jerseys, paid homage to Planet Earth in the school gym singing a song written by one of the students to celebrate the Polar Day.
Knowledge about the polar regions was noticeably increased, and the students always showed great interest for the subsequent activities and events.
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