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Classroom on Drifting Sea Ice
  • Students (secondary school, high school)
Fifteen pupils aged 14-18 were given the unique opportunity to learn a little extra maths and physics in connection with IPY – and to experience practical research in impressive surroundings. Thanks to the project Seismic Buoy and support from IPY, the pupils boarded the polar hovercraft R/H Sabvabaa for a weeklong trip, journeying from Longyearbyen to the drifting sea ice north of Svalbard. They drifted on the ice, like Fridtjof Nansen and his crew, and carried out the same types of measurements – using modern technology.The pupils were selected on the basis of submitted applications, in close cooperation with the Norwegian Centre for Science Education. Of a total of 70 applicants, nine pupils and one teacher were selected in 2008 and six pupils in 2009. The pupils received a thorough introduction to polar history during a weekend seminar at the Fram Museum in Oslo.Eight voyages were made from Longyearbyen to the sea ice with pupils on board the Sabvabaa. The vessel sleeps four (two young people and two adults), and it can operate in areas covered by sea ice from Svalbard up to 82º N for up to two weeks at a time. The voyages took place between late June and late August. The pupils were required to take a rigorous safety course, and strict safety routines were in place. The pupils took part in seismic shooting and seafloor sampling
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