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Caribou Health Monitoring Video
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This film is a production of the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine with the CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring Network and was created in collaboration with the communities of Colville Lake and Fort Good Hope, NWT. The goal of the video is to provide a resource to facilitate ongoing monitoring of caribou and reindeer health around the Arctic. In particular the video is aimed at facilitating community-based caribou health monitoring. The intended audience is hunters and lay people, as well as wildlife biologists, technicians, and officers. The majority of the footage was filmed by Anne-Marie Jackson of Fort Good Hope NWT. The filming was done during the fall 2007 caribou hunt organized by the community of Colville Lake, NWT. The video consists of 4 sections. The first two sections discuss the importance of caribou and of standardized long term monitoring of caribou health. The focus is on training hunters, biologists and others how to collect samples and data for caribou health monitoring in a standardized manner. The third section provides information on common parasites diseases of caribou and how hunters should handle the meat from animals that have different diseases. The final section shows clips of Dene children learning about caribou health and caribou sampling while out at the community caribou hunt. In addition to the scientific collection components the film provides a snapshot of the traditional subsistence lifestyle of the Dene people.
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University of Calgary, CircumArctic Rangifer Monitoring & Assessment Network (CARMA), Government of the Northwest Territories
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