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Cape Farewell
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The Cape Farewell project leads the way in linking climate change to cultural responsibility. The project brings together artists, scientists and communicators to stimulate the production of art founded in scientific research. In 2007, the Cape Farewell team sailed from Spitsbergen to East Greenland and then on to Iceland with an international crew of artists, poets, and a comedian plus a science team of oceanographers. The outreach highlight of the expedition was the participation of comedian Marcus Brigstocke, who transformed climate tragedy into climate comedy by focusing on what it is in the human condition that stops us truly engaging with solutions to a rapidly warming planet. In 2007, the Cape Farewell team also ran their first 'youth' expedition where a team of teenagers sailed the boat and mapped changes wrought by climate change. After their return, they created books and artworks, and give talks to schools. In 2008, there was a second Cape Farewell youth expedition, held in partnership with the British Council (BC) in Canada. The expedition was led by Martin Rose, director of the BC in Ottawa, along with the Cape Farewell education team led by Colin Izod and Suba Subasumarium. Participants included least one young person from every Canadian province, as well as from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil. The journey was live on the internet and garnered millions of followers. It has generated numerous international exchanges, high profile speaking engagements by the youth, and brought worldwide attention to the power of youth involvement.
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Cape Farewell
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