September 16, 2019

After months of group emails and skype meetings, the MOSAiC School was finally able to meet in person. APECS sponsored an ‘Icebreaker’ BBQ – everyone was clearly excited to begin our adventure. The love of polar research was a unifying topic and the chat came naturally. How lucky were we to be embarking with such an amazing group of people? 

Rosalie McKay MOSAiC Ambassador Blog 3 Sept 16 credits to Josefine Lenz

Top row: Martha Henriques (media), Daisy Dunne (media), Julika Zinke, Katie Gavenus (education); Middle back: Anja Sommerfeld (AWI), Thomas Rackow (AWI/YOPP); Middle: Gerlis Fugmann (APECS), Ryleigh Moore, Ewa Korejwa, Anika Happe, Tatiana Matveeva, Mauro Hermann, Rosalie McKay, Marylou Athanase, Pierre Priou; Front: Andrea Schneider (APECS), Markus Rex (expedition leader), Natalia Ribeira Santos, Lisa Craw, Francesca Doglioni, Sam Cornish, Neil Aellen, Alex Mavrovic, Josefine Lenz (MOSAiC School leader); Missing: Robbie Mallett, Carrie Harris, Sean Horvath, Igor Vasilevich, Thea Schneider

(© Josefine Lenz)