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Polar Journal Club Podcast & Online courseRobbie Mallett MOSAiC School 2019

Many research groups around the world meet monthly or even weekly to present scientific papers to each other. Robbie will be running an 'online journal club', interviewing scientists and asking them to explain their paper in an accessible way so that others can better make use of their work.





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Papers are written to satisfy the rigorous requirements of peer review, which is carried out by those immersed in the field in question. This can make them dense and confusing to researchers in allied fields and those new to the field. Robbie aims to create a catalogue of podcasts, where an author of a high-profile paper explains their work in accessible language and highlights the key points. As well as explaining the paper as it was presented, the authors will have the opportunity to reflect on how their work impacted their field and how it influenced their career and research.

Robbie presented MOSAiC and his experience to scientists at the London Oceans Group meeting (12 November 2019) and London Global Geophysics Seminar (21 November 2019), as well a to a public audience at "Broadly Scientific".

In 2020, Robbies has cooperated and advised a production company on a European Space Agency (ESA) Course entitled Earth Observations from Space. This course aims at the public and features MOSAiC related content, including video footage by and interviews with Robbie on the RV Akademik Fedorov.

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