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Mauro Hermann MOSAiC School 2019

Mauro Hermann has reached Swiss national TV, local radio stations and together with colleague Neil also university magazines to report on MOSAiC and his personal experience. In collaboration with the German polar teachers, he plans to contribute to the GIFT teachers workshop at the EGU conference.



Profile photo by Sam Cornish

Mauro Hermann contacted several media outlets in Switzerland to make people aware of the MOSAiC mission. Having just finished his studies in environmental sciences (major in atmospheric and climate sciences), he could link the importance of MOSAiC to current challenges in climate sciences and also relate news from the Arctic to everyday life in Switzerland.

As he and his ETH & MOSAiC Ambassador colleague Neil Aellen already travelled together from Switzerland to the MOSAiC School aboard Akademik Fedorov, they had the great opportunity to collaborate for their outreach activity back home. They wrote an article about the expedition in the ETH students magazine and blog, and were on air for one hour (radio SIRUP, Zurich) to get some of the unique polar feelings from their trip across.

Herrmann Mauro MOSAiC Ambassador credits to Mauro Hermann

Mauro and Neil giving an interview on radio SIRUP (Photo by Mauro Hermann).


Mauro`s activities were also covered in the Schweizer Radio and Fernsehen (SRF), FM1 today and 20Min.

Hermann Mauro MOSAiC Ambassador Polykum N2 2019 2020Herrmann Mauro MOSAiC Ambassador Screenshot from ETH ambassadors blogHerrmann Mauro MOSAiC Ambassador Screenshot from FM1 today

Screenshots from Mauro's and Neil's coverage in the ETH Magazine Polykum N°2 from 2 Dec and ETH online blog, as well as a news article in FM1 today.

Additionally and in line with previous efforts to foster discussion and knowlegde on global warming at high schools, Mauro could integrate news from the MOSAiC expedition in some of his talks - underlined with amazing footage from MOSAiC School participants. Many of the pupils were surprized and to some degree frightened of hearing about the dramatic changes occurring further North. For example, he gave a presentation on global warming and his experience during MOSAiC at his former high school during the special project day "Klima und Kulturtag" on 29 January 2020.

In May 2020, Mauro is planning to organize a workshop with teachers participating at the Geosciences Information for Teachers (GIFT) workshop at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) conferrence in Vienna. Together with the German organization polar teachers, he wants to facillitate the communication of polar science and thus bring it into class rooms.

On 5 May 2020, Mauro hold an APECS-ARICE webinar entiled "From icebreakers into classrooms – opportunities for educators and scientists“ together with the MOSAiC Education team. Here, he spoke about his experience in the Arctic sea ice and presented outreach projects developed from the his and his fellow participants of the MOSAiC School.

APECS-ARICE Webinar: From Icebreakers into Classrooms - Opportunities for Educators and Scientists from APECS Webinars on Vimeo.

On 20 September, about a year after we left for the MOSAiC adventure, Mauro gave a Inspiration Lunch Talk on Arctic expedition featuring the MOSAiC Expedition at Bühler AG.

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