Since both APECS and Polar Week are international, we try to engage as much as we can with our members over our social media channels so that everyone can equally participate. During March Polar Week 2018 we were active on the APECS Facebook (@APECS4u) and Twitter (@Polar_Research) accounts. For both Facebook and Twitter, engagement is the number of people who engaged with your page including clicks and impressions are the number of times any content from your Page or about your Page entered a person's screen. On Facebook, our impressions, engagement, and total likes increased compared to February and April (Figure 1, 2, and 3). Similarly, impressions and engagement increased for Twitter but to a greater extent than on Facebook (Figure 4 and 5). Please note that activity for April was only calculated until the 23. The increase in activity could be due to the fact that the total number of posts were higher during the month of March, but we are still very happy with the engagement we got leading up to and during Polar Week.

Polar Week March 2018 Fig 1

Figure 1: APECS Facebook impressions for February, March, and April 2018.

Polar Week March 2018 Fig 2

Figure 2: APECS Facebook page engaged users in February, March, and April 2018.

Polar Week March 2018 Fig 3

Figure 3: APECS Facebook daily new page likes in February, March, and April 2018.

Polar Week March 2018 Fig 4

Figure 4: APECS Twitter total impressions in February, March, and April 2018.

Polar Week March 2018 Fig 5

Figure 5: APECS Twitter total engagement in February, March, and April 2018.

During Polar Week we do regular posting about events and opportunities, but we also did two specific social media campaigns. The first was our #PolarHaiku campaign, where we had members tweet polar themed Haiku poems to our account. We had 33 #PolarHaiku tweeted to us during Polar Week, and the haikus included photos, videos, gifs and had high like and retweet rates.

Our second campaign was Biotweeps, which is a Twitter account, blog and Facebook page which features a different biologist every week. You can find them online at During Polar Week, we gave one APECS member the chance to host the biotweeps Twitter account each day. Everyone who participated found that this was an amazing opportunity, and a fun way to do outreach about their research. In total, APECS posted 314 times and got great impressions, engagement, and a high rate of retweets and likes on our posts (Figure 6).

Polar Week March 2018 Fig 6

Figure 6: Total impressions, engagement, retweets, and likes for all posts while APECS hosted the Biotweeps account from March 19 - 25, 2018.