364 PolarParty DesignerNicholas Palato PolarWeek 2021It has been a tough year and if there’s one thing we’ve all been desperately missing during this pandemic, it’s dancing. Around the world, music and dance bring people and cultures together across the barriers of language and politics, and even scientific disciplines. Thus, APECS was creating a meeting point to celebrate via polar-themed songs with the combination of mixed popular and cultural songs worldwide on September equinox. We organized a 45-minute release of all the pent-up energy and self-expression polar scientists keep hidden under our icy exteriors. The event began with a rousing game of Kahoot (the prize of the INTERACT Fieldwork Planning Handbook to the winner), followed by our polar-themed music playlist (organized on Youtube).

We welcomed you to shake, shiver, and slide with us at the first ever virtual Polar Party!


Designed by Nicholas Parlato, Photo from Canva