Polar Week logo2 01The votes on our March 2021 Polar Week Photo/ Poetry/ Essay Competition are in. More than 100 people voted on the 28 amazing submissions.

A big thank you to all the people who submitted a picture, poem or essay and another thank you to everyone who voted and made this photo competition happen.

We are happy to now announce the winners of our competition. Congratulations to our Photo/ Poetry/ Essay Competition winners!

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Poetry Competition:

1st place: Natasha Gardiner - Chilean Sea Bass  (poem 5 with 29.7%, 19 votes)
2nd place: Alexander Mattin - First Light  (poem 2 with 20.3%, 13 votes)
2nd place: Ursula Enzenhofer   (poem 4)(20.3%, 13 votes) 

Essay Competition:

1st place: Fien De Doncker - Orange to green (essay 1 with 30.4%, 21 votes)
2nd place: Elisabeth Bernard - Birds are back, innature and in mind. Iceland.  (essay 4 with 29%, 20 votes)
3rd place: Austin Routt - Every Place Needs a Patch (essay 2 with 26.1%, 18 votes)

Photo Competition:

 1st place: Flore Van Maldeghem  (photo 8 with 42.9%, 39 votes)

282 Flore van Maldeghem Polar Week March 2021 Photo Competition


2nd place: Floreana Miesen  (photo 12 with 15.4%, 14 votes)

286 Floreana Miesen Polar Week March 2021 Photo Competition

3rd place: Wilson Wai Yin Cheung  (photo 10 with 9.9%, 9 votes)

284 Wilson Wai Yin Cheung Polar Week March 2021 Photo Competition