Polar Art Webinar 27 Sept updatedFriday 27th September, 2019, at 15:00 GMT

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Marlo Garnsworthy is an editor, an author and illustrator, and a polar science communicator. She has a curiosity for the natural world since she was a little child growing up in Australia. Marlo’s ideal way of living involves being surrounded by nature/wilderness, writing, illustrating, exploring and adventure.

Marlo GarnsworthyMarlo visited Antarctica twice in her role as the Outreach officer, most recently on the JOIDES Resolution -IODP Expedition 382 in 2019. As a science communicator, Marlo focusses on polar science and oceanography, ‘Science communication is my driving passion, and I’m especially interested in how narrative, art, and animation can reach, engage, and inspire a broader audience. My current focus is on writing and illustrating nonfiction, and I occasionally write for sites such as Envirobites and Oceanbites’. Marlo has a joint science communication venture, Pixel Movers & Makers, with Kevin Pluck.

Follow Marlo on Twitter @MarloWordyBird and @SNowbirdsNBP
Read more about Marlo here. http://www.wordybirdstudio.com/