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Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-31 um 13.46.00.pngVia the ESA funded ARC-REACH project we are investigating the feasibility to set-up a ship-based low-power long-range dynamic radio network in the Arctic, tailored for tracking of cargo and maritime activity, complemented with remote sensing of the environment. The proposed service will use GPS for asset tracking, and the ship's’ satellite communications for linking the local radio network to the internet.

So, what do we actually propose?
We propose to install a small radio network on different ships (which is similar to a Wifi router), which allows to communicate to different types of sensors, both on the ship as well with sensors in the close environment. The radio network can range up to 10 km (!) and it provides connection to wireless sensors which work for many years without charging. The technology is proven as +5 M sensors are already connected in Europe.

Benefits of the new service for research and protection of the environment are multiple:

  • Tracking of individual containers and/or cargo for reduced risk in the fragile Arctic environment;
  • Cost-effective access for environmental research to remote data, which normally requires a much more expensive individual communication network.;

What do we ask you
At this stage, we are in a feasibility study, to evaluate if this proven technology can bring value to you. For this user survey we need the input and cooperation of ship operators and the scientific research community active in the Arctic .
In a second phase we target a small-scale validation of the concept during the summer 2018. Your participation in this validation phase is also important to us.

As a research platform of young researchers active in the Arctic, we would like to ask you 15 minutes of your time to complete the online survey that will allow us to evaluate the need, technical feasibility & economic viability of such a low-power long-range dynamic radio network through an analysis of:

  • your possible interests
  • your possible needs
  • your usability constraints

The online survey can be accessed via the following link:

Off course you can forward this mail and our request to your partners, members.
Your and their input is valuable to us!

We will integrate all needs into the feasibility and demonstrator to show the global community we can make a difference in the Arctic region. Through cooperation, we can make a change. So do not hesitate and support us in the change.

Here you find a summary and presentation of the project, with an overview of the rationale behind the study and the possible benefits of the service.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have remaining questions or need additional input.

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