We warmly invite you to join an upcoming mini symposium entitled “How SCAR informs and guides Antarctic policy and conservation” on Wednesday 3rd August, 07:00 - 09:00 UTC.  The session will be jointly convened by Ant-ICON’s Synthesis Theme and SCAR’s Standing Committee on the Antarctic Treaty System (SC-ATS).  

The purpose of this mini symposium is to empower early to mid-career Antarctic researchers to create policy impact through research. Whether or not you have little or extensive experience in the science-policy domain, we encourage you to join us for this important and timely conversation. Our expert panel includes Dr Keith Reid (Antarctic Environments Portal Editor and Consultant), Dr Tom Bracegirdle (British Antarctic Survey), and Dr Mercedes Santos (Instituto Antártico Argentino).  

Do you have any burning questions about Antarctic science-policy interactions that you would like this session to address? Fill out the following form and the conveners will endeavour to get your questions answered on the day: https://forms.gle/G8PyYcMGegY4c1Wu7

You will need to be registered for the SCAR OSC to participate. You can register here. No problem if you can’t make the session on the day – it will be recorded and made available following the conference.