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Are global risks changing? And are they connected? Which risks matter most?
We need your expertise to help strengthen and expand a transdisciplinary understanding of global risks – a topic that is more critical than ever. 

We are reaching out to you because capturing the perceptions of early career researchers with a unique take on global risks is essential to building this understanding together.

Future Earth, Sustainability in the Digital Age, and the International Science Council are launching the second annual Global Risks Scientists’ Perception survey to facilitate more pluralistic dialogue among science, business, and policy to build robust, legitimate, and sustainable solutions to global risks. The survey was designed under the guidance of a team of scientific advisors. The aim of the survey is to bring together informed perspectives from a wide range of scientific expertise to evaluate the top global risks that societies around the world need to be aware of and address. 

Please participate in this invitation-only survey HERE. The survey will take approximately 15 minutes and will remain open until July 28, 2021.

See below more details on this project.



ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Global Risks Scientists' Perception survey

Overview: The goal of this survey is to spark dialogue, identify knowledge gaps, and support the growth of a multi-sectoral community working toward solutions to global risks. The survey was designed under the guidance of a team of expert advisors (listed below). The results will be published in the second edition of the Risk Perceptions Report (co-developed by Future Earth, Sustainability in the Digital Age, and International Science Council) as well as in peer-reviewed journal article(s). This is the second iteration of the survey. Results of the first iteration can be found here

Context: Global risks are increasingly complex, uncertain, systemic, and dynamic. These risks cannot be understood, monitored, or addressed in academic or sectoral silos. To effectively tackle the global risks of today, we not only need continuous transdisciplinary research, we also need transdisciplinary dialogue to build a broader community of professionals working together on the systemic challenges of today. To this end, we are launching the second annual Global Risks Scientists' Perception survey.

The results of this survey will again serve to complement the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Global Risks Report, which reports on the global risk perceptions of leaders from business, economics, and government. See last year’s comparison to the WEF findings here. These reports have been influential in shaping current dialogues and framing global risk. The Global Risks Scientists' Perception survey will contribute to the discourse that has been shaped through WEF’s important work with an international analysis of scientists’ perceptions of global risks.

Target respondents: Scientists with at minimum a Masters degree from all fields of science: natural (including physical, mathematical and life) sciences and social (including behavioural and economic) science, medical, health, computer and engineering sciences, and humanities.

Data Protection: All collected data will be anonymous, however we do ask for basic demographic information to deepen our understanding of perceptions of risk. It will not be possible to make a link between you and the information you provide. We will protect the information by storing the data on password protected files until the analysis is complete (note that data will also be stored with Survey Monkey on servers in the United States and will be subject to the US Patriot Act). During data analysis only those people directly involved in conducting the research will have access to the data. We will only use the information for the purposes of the research described in the survey consent paragraph. We intend to publish the results of the research. The data will be made openly accessible to the public once it is published.

Added Value: We hope the Global Risks Scientists’ Perception survey will expand and deepen the dialogue among science, business, and policy around building solutions to global risks. It will do this by complementing the work done by the WEF by adding a system science perspective, while also going a step further by:

  1. Identifying additional risks not currently covered in the WEF Global Risks Report, 

  2. Beginning to analyze interconnections between global risks with the potential to lead to global systemic crises, and

  3. Seeking to qualify how perspectives on risks have changed over the past year.

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