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I am an assistant professor at the University of Manitoba working with numerical modelling of polar regions. One of my main interests is in modelling icebergs, improving their representation and trajectory prediction in models, and assessing their impact on the physical and biogeochemical properties of the ocean. Recent interactions with fellow "icebergers" led to a discussion about the need for a channel of direct communication within the iceberg community, so we can share our work, collaborate, make sure no efforts are being duplicated, and advance iceberg science in a faster and smarter way. 
If you work with or is interested in iceberg science, please fill out the form.

Having the responses in hand, I will set up a quick meeting to report on our general interests and to decide the best way to move forward with this group (suggestions are very welcome!).

Please, feel free to forward this to anyone you know might be interested. All are welcome: people focusing in the Southern and/or Northern Hemisphere, affiliated to an academic institution/ government / industry, interested in iceberg thermodynamics, physical and biogeochemical implications for the ocean, freshwater export, calving processes, ice hazards etc.
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Juliana Marson

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